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LEAP with Laura

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Schieweg 67C, 3038 AG Rotterdam, Nederland


Schieweg 67C, 3038 AG Rotterdam, Nederland


LEAP stands for Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process. It is a direct transmission of Lifeforce energy (also called kundalini) which enables deep healing and transformation. LEAP is the path of surrender, and through that, you can let go of old patterns, conditionings or traumas that don’t serve you any more, empowering you to live from your essence and true Self.
Most of us live in our minds, trying to control and fix ourselves and whatever happens around us.
But what if life could be more simple? And what if the key to this simplicity already lies within us?

During a LEAP session, you lie down with your eyes closed and music is played in different waves to support your process. Together with the music, and the gentle and intuitive touch of the facilitator, a safe space is created where you can let go and and truly surrender. All that is asked from you is to relax, and with a child-like curiosity, allow your body and emotions to express themselves.

The experience will differ per session and person, but you might undergo some or all of these:

- Emotional releases
- Visualisations
- Physical movements and sensations
- States of bliss

It’s a natural and intuitive energetic process that won’t shock your system in any way. Your energy will meet you wherever you are, meaning it will only bring up whatever you can handle at this very moment. The invitation is to trust that, allowing yourself to experience it and transcend it.

You do not need any experience to attend the session. After the transmission, there is always time for a sharing circle and aftercare.

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LEAP with Laura


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