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Your journey starts with Mankind

Find the real connection

Mankind was created because there is a need for a clear platform where you can find everything in the world healthy consciousness and living.

Welcome to this platform built for you. Discover here what really contributes to your physical and mental health. And have fun in a meaningful way.

Mankind was realized through contributions from coaches and sincere real people who are fascinated by their experiences in the world of personal growth. Read, learn and travel through Mankind. Use the wisdom and energy of the best organizations and coaches.

Self development

Why Mankind?

There is a need for a platform for all natural forms of aid, growth and development. The most important thing is that you find what suits you. Because you are unique. That is why there are thousands of coaches and workshops in all kinds of forms. Mankind has the filters and tools to give you a clear overview.

Some people are still strangers to spirituality. On the other hand, people want to solve problems and live healthier beside or with less doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. This is where the energetic and the scientific world come together.

We are Suus and Hennie, we travel the world because we are fascinated to discover different cultures and learn about personal growth. We make many people happy by connecting them with amazing coaches. We have been involved in events and training in Chanelling, Sensi, Shamanism, energetic stones, native instruments, Tantra and mindfulness for many years. 

We are building Mankind together with a team of coaches, social media experts and IT specialists. 

Do you want to learn to meditate, do yoga, live a healthier life, find love, solve a problem or complaint, reduce pain,  discovering your life purpose...whatever it is. Congratulate yourself, because you have found the start of your journey here.

The Mankind network consists of new coaches to the best organizations in the country. 

Mankind remains free and ad-free for all people.

Mankind is neutral and does not judge orientation, religion, age, experience or status.  

Become a member of Mankind

Register as a coach, healer, therapist or organization.

Let the power of the Mankind portal and its social media channels perform an important part of your work:  show the world what you offer and your mission.

As a coach or organization you want to help people and contribute to a better world. That deserves a remarkable platform and that deserves attention. With a profile on Mankind you make your mission better known and you inspire visitors and colleagues.

You earn back the monthly fee through more bookings and visibility. And your specialty is shown on the portals that Mankind is continuou expanding. More people in the world will see your passion and your message. 

If you have a website yourself, Mankind will make it easier to find. Don't have a website? Then you save a lot of effort and costs because your own Mankind pages included. One of the extra features is showing your most beautiful message. Write what you wish for everyone or what you want to share with many people and Mankind shows your message to the world. 

Besides your profile you can add workshops or events at no extra costs. 

Post initiatives for a better world in Mankind Media.

To protect visitors, the authenticity of what is offered is strictly checked.

Do you want to learn to meditate, practice yoga or exercise more, live a healthier life, find love, solve a problem or complaint, reduce pain, discover your life purpose... whatever it is, you can thank yourself because this is the start of your journey found it.


Mankind is the platform that connects providers with people looking for coaching, growth, awakening , health, and life purpose. You will find all the tools for a more beautiful and fuller life and to bring the world in better balance.


Mankind finds what you are looking for, search engines are less personal and less effective. A unique platform where the intention is consistent with the well-being of humanity and nature. Mankind is a network of people and initiatives that contribute towards a better planet.


Who are we

Meet Suus and Hennie...

Watch this short video. During our life in a commercial world with two successful companies, we landed in the world of coaching. Now we use the power of our love for each other to serve humanity and all beings. The power of love, our social media talent and our talent for connection is our life mission: Showing people what exists in the world of coaching to contribute to more human consciousness on earth. 

  • Is Mankind really free?
    Yes. Mankind is free and ad-free for all searchers. You may use all functions and pages. You are not obligated to join anything and you do not have to become a member. If you want to contribute something, tell interested people around you about this platform because it is still new. Share this. Mankind thanks you.
  • In which areas can Mankind be found?
    Mankind starts in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. More languages and more countries will be added later.
  • I want to post something on Mankind, what is my investment?
    Everything is divided into 6 connections (categories). If you want to post something to inspire others, it is free. (Under category "Media") If you want to post a great initiative that will make the world a better place, this is also free. (Under category "a better world") If you are a coach or company yourself and would like to post this, click here for rates:
  • Why doesn't Mankind have a phone number?
    Mankind does not work with call centers or chatbots. Mankind consists of coaches in the Netherlands and Belgium. Your questions and comments are handled by real people. Therefore, you can send an email to
  • Where do Mankind's proceeds go?
    All proceeds are for: -To keep Mankind free for all "seekers". -To keep Mankind free from third-party advertising. -To offer all affiliated coaches and initiatives the best place (offline and online). Mankind makes an impact with its revenues (organic and paid) through its own platforms as well as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok with the aim of inspiring as many people as possible. It is often too expensive as an individual coach to make an impact through social media: With many connections, we can make a big impression together by showing the world these specialists.
  • Wat is sjamanisme ?
    Lees hier de blog over sjamanisme:
  • Is Tantra iets voor jou ? Wil je er meer over weten ?
    Klik hier voor de blog met tips en uitleg over Tantra.
  • Is Kundalini-energie gevaarlijk ? Wil je er meer over weten ?
    Klik hier voor info en tips over Kundalini.
  • Waar vind ik meer info over retraites ?
    Op de website is een hele categorie gewijd aan retraites in eigen land en in 14 andere landen. Klik hier voor het overzicht. Sla deze website op want Mankind is nog nieuw en er komt steeds nieuws bij. Klik hier als je eerst meer wilt lezen over tips en info over retraites.
  • Wanneer zijn de Mankind Festivals / Markten?
    Volg Mankind op Insta en Facebook om op de hoogte te blijven van de komende events. Mankind organiseert meerdere festivals/markten per jaar met een prachtig groot publiek op idyllische locaties. De meeste info vind je hier: Klik hier voor kleine en grote workshops/events van leden en organisators.

Frequently Asked Questions

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