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Register as a provider with Mankind

Show the world what you do

You don't have to be the best in your profession AND excel on all social media platforms and websites at the same time. You can use Mankind's reach and wisdom to save more time and energy for your specialty.

Connecting is simple

You fill in a number of things, describe yourself and your specialty and we will do the rest.


Make a choice and register

All registrations will be divided into 6 connections (categories).  Make your choice here.

Healers and therapists 

€9.50 / month

€104.50 / year * *

Companies and training

€15.50 / month

€170.50 / year * *

Workshops and events

Temporarily free

Use this promotion!

* * 12th month free if you pay for a year in one go.

Travel and retreats

€15.50 / month

€170.50 / year * *



Free link*

Inspiration and stories

Free link*

* Links can be placed for free if they fit into Mankind's mission.

What is included in the price?

  • Placement of you or your company with information, description and photos on the Mankind website.

  • Placement of you or your company on Social Media Platforms.

  • Your own page optimized in a unique overview. (You don't even have to have your own website)

  • Payment costs and administration costs. 

  • Participation in Mankind family. Without obligations, you participate in a closed group of participants with the aim of sharing, learning, growing and improving.

  • Ability to blog on Mankind's feed for free. Share your story and inspire thousands of Mankind visitors.

  • Participation in Mankind. A world where the power of the internet and social media is finally put to good use

  • Participation in Mankind's promotional plan. Coaches and organizations are chosen every day to make their mission stand out, paying and organically.

What is not included in the price:

  • The statutory VAT

Why should I choose Mankind?

Connection at Mankind is your participation in the start of something hugely meaningful.

There are already sites but they contain lists of only holidays, events or therapists, business or local. Mankind brings all categories together and connects the scientific with the energetic world.

Your contribution does not go to any person. Together with other coaches and organizations, a flow of budgets, experience, energy and knowledge is created. Your contribution is partly for national (paid and organic) growth on important platforms.

Mankind has a unique team of specialists working for you every day. Once connected, you can focus on your own organization. And from then on you know that your mission will become known and clearly visible in your area and the whole world.

Mankind's mission succeeds because it is openly governed from the hearts of like-minded people... and even higher: from Mother Nature.   

I would like to register as a provider with Mankind

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