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Fairs and festivals
Festival of Color

Celebrate life and meet new people

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A healthier and fuller life will spark something in you: a hunger for what suits you with your “way of life”.

Mankind makes this overview of events, circles, workshops, fairs, markets, meetings and festivals for you.

Your path to development is sometimes difficult, tiring and intense. Therefore, discover a world for your relaxation and entertainment in Mankind. You deserve this.

See what fits your calendar, where do you want to be?

Mankind will keep you informed so stay tuned and follow this for new events, especially on Instagram.  And if you have any tips of your own, do you want to post something or do you know of an event that belongs to Mankind: send Mankind a message.

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Workshops and events

There are already many events based on mass consumption where the organization would like to see you spend a lot of money. Mankind shows you a world of events that are more valuable to you and that make the world a better place.


Maybe you want to have fun without just being beautiful to the outside world. (or for Insta or TikTok). Think of festivals that are environmentally friendly and where proceeds go to great causes. Where cultural and gender differences are not fought but celebrated.

Upgrade your mind, body & soul. Celebrate this with like-minded people. Follow the Mankind calendar.

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Trade fairs and meetings

Here you will find events where coaches and organizations come together. Choose what you would like to attend.

Consider, for example, spiritual markets or fairs where you get to know several healers.

Mankind only posts events for you that are valuable to you and that will make the world a better place. Check this out every now and then: Discover when there are fairs or markets where you can get to know people and organizations with the right intention.

Would you like to participate or do you know of an event that is not yet on Mankind? Report it or send a message.

Looking for a special event?

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