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There are many websites for booking trips. But we never take into account what is more meaningful to you than just eating, drinking and sleeping in beautiful places.

That is why Mankind provides you with an overview of trips and retreats that offer you more: special places where you can enjoy with more depth, energy and meaning.

Mankind is proud to let you choose from these special places, because they are otherwise difficult to find.

Travel and retreats
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To travel

Choose in your own country or in the most special places in the world. Usually the choice is made based on photos and standard offerings. At some point you want more. You certainly want to have fun, but with more depth. Mankind shows you trips that are harder to find due to mass travel offers. This allows you to surround yourself with like-minded people. Not for the outside world, the most beautiful Insta pictures... you do this for yourself.

Do you want a journey with inner peace and enjoyment in a healthy way? Do you want a trip where you want to experience workshops, yoga or something educational with specialists?

Find a special place

Special places

Do you want to give yourself something nice as a gift?  Discover special places and retreats where you can eat, drink, sleep and learn or experience something more consciously.


Do you want to find peace or more energy? Do you want to find something or let something go? Mankind searches for you in your own country and around the world so that you can make your best choice.


For example, choose between silent retreats, detox retreats, darkness meditation, new age, vision quests, yoga retreats, men's circles, women's circles or mindfulness weekends.

Do you want to discover the world?

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