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Man met bril
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Annemie triepels

I help informal caregivers who, in addition to work and/or family, also care for their loved ones 24/7

My mission is to guide informal caregivers, in addition to the eternal burden of care, to more time for themselves, so that they can regain control over their lives. With my help they create space, not only for themselves, but also to finally embrace their own life. Together we work to realize their deepest wishes and dreams.

Coach name:

Tijd voor mantelzorgers


Sint Ignatiusstraat 5, 4273 ED Hank, Nederland




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:

Group and private

Treated on location:

In own practice




senior cliëntondersteuner/registerplein


wisselend inv en groep

Professional association:





I help informal caregivers who, in addition to work and/or family, also care for their loved ones 24/7

Forms of therapy

· Coaching

I offer help with

· Seeking more self-confidence or self-love.
· I want to get out of my head and find myself.
· I want to discover my life purpose.

My message to the world

Let those dreams flow again. To finally pay attention to your own life, in the midst of informal care, it is high time to learn to choose for yourself again. But you know, I'm here to help you, because as an experienced informal caregiver, I understand exactly what you feel. Together we will discover what you really want. And not only that. Together with your loved one we will create a valuable life. Imagine, what would it be like if you could take care of yourself with dedication in the midst of informal care? What would it be like to embrace your work and/or your family with that passion again as you used to? It all starts here: With you, with your wishes, and with the step-by-step support I offer you. So, ready to take back control of your own life? Together we will chase those dreams and create a life in which you can truly flourish!


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Annemie triepels


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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