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Man met bril
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Community for vitality, balance, awareness and personal leadership

In 2023 we, Linda and Ramon, started The FlowMonkey together. This is based on our own wonderful experiences in the field of personal development. And we wish everyone those experiences. That is why FlowMonkey is a community for awareness, balance and vitality in which we grow an offering that inspires as many people as possible. And we do this together with our partners who contribute in various areas. And not just inspiring. We also invite you to find what suits you and, above all, to continue doing it. Many people have a desire to change and are looking for a way to get into the right flow. At The FlowMonkey you can discover and take action.

Coach name:

The FlowMonkey


Op de Berg 8A, 6181 GT Elsloo, Nederland




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:

Group and private

Treated on location:

At any location


Dutch, English





Professional association:



5 years of experience and our partners up to 30 years of experience


Community for vitality, balance, awareness and personal leadership

Forms of therapy

· Breathing therapy
· Breathwork
· Company/group guidance
· Accompaniment
· Exercise therapy
· Business and team coaching
· Coaching
· Energetic therapy
· IEMT - Integral Eye Movement Therapy
· Life coaching
· Meditation
· Mindfulness
· Mental coaching
· NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
· Online therapy (chat / email)
· Organisator events
· Organizer of retreats / trips
· Personal coaching
· Trauma therapy
· Trauma processing
· Walking therapy

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.
· Seeking more self-confidence or self-love.
· I have a trauma and need help.
· I want to get out of my head and find myself.
· I want to discover my life purpose.

My message to the world

Together we strive for a life in harmony, vitality and personal leadership. Here we believe that true prosperity begins with finding balance in body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to inspire and support you on your journey to a healthier, happier life. Discover the power of self-leadership and find the keys to inner peace. Together we create a community driven by spiritual development and realizing our full potential. Let us work together to build a world in which everyone radiates vitality, is balanced and takes charge of his or her own life. Discover the infinite possibilities that lie within you and let us guide you on this wonderful journey. With love and light, Linda, Ramon, Mario and partners


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average rating is 3 out of 5, based on 150 votes, Reviews



average rating is 3 out of 5


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