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NEM Academy

Training, modules and further training for (prospective) coaches and therapists.

NEM Academy is for people who want to develop themselves and live and work from passion. Working from your heart with sound psychological knowledge. We offer training, further training, workshops, events and online programs and courses for (prospective) coaches and therapists. The Transformation Coach and Therapist training consists of 7 modules that can be followed separately: Personal Development Module Cosmology Module (Coaching with spiritual laws, meaning and rituals) Energetics Module (Learning to coach energetically. Developing and using your intuition optimally) System Thinking Module ( Learning to guide family constellations) Transformation Guidance Module (Coaching from Transactional Analysis) Movers Skills Module (Development of your general Coaching skills) Spiritual Psychology Module (Learning to work from Chakra Psychology) Each module can be followed separately and you will complete it with a certificate. Once you have completed all 7 modules you can graduate and receive the SNRO recognized Transformation Coach and Therapist diploma. We also support you in setting up your own practice. In the online program Success in your own Coaching Practice you will learn all the 'ins and outs' of entrepreneurship. For 6 months you will work on setting up your own practice in the market. The people who feel at home with us need: depth, decisiveness, connection and feel a deep drive to get the best out of themselves and life.

Coach name:

NEM Academy


Paardeweide 20A, 4824 EH Breda, Nederland




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:


Treated on location:

At any location






1195,- per module

Professional association:


23 years


Training, modules and further training for (prospective) coaches and therapists.

Forms of therapy

· Company/group guidance
· Exercise therapy
· Business and team coaching
· Chakra therapie
· Client-centered therapy
· Coaching
· Creative therapy
· ELW Emotional Bodywork®
· EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
· Energetic therapy
· Family constellations
· Talk therapy
· Holistic therapy
· Hollistic schools
· Inner child therapy
· Child therapy
· Children's coaching
· Life coaching
· Mental coaching
· Mindfulness
· Online therapy (chat / email)
· Personal coaching
· Polyenergetic therapy
· REBT – rational emotive therapy
· Social skills training
· Spirituality for companies
· TA – transactional analysis
· Tarot readings
· Therapy / coaching with meditation
· Transformation coaching
· Visualizations

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.
· Seeking more self-confidence or self-love.
· I have a trauma and need help.
· I want to get out of my head and find myself.
· I want to discover my life purpose.
· I want to meet like-minded people.

My message to the world

NEM Academy is a trainer with a heart. NEM stands for New Energy Movers and we are there to support you as a (prospective) coach, therapist or supervisor of profound human change processes in your professional competence and personal growth. You want to live and work from your heart, seek depth and, just like us, love 'no-nonsense' spirituality. With our team of experienced teachers and passionate employees, we have one mission: 'The whole of NL feels great.' We support you in your personal growth and professional development. We do this by sharing our years of expertise as a coach and psychosocial therapist with you in our practice-oriented training, further training, workshops or online courses. We are there for people who want to live and work from passion, depth & decisiveness.


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NEM Academy


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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