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Man met bril
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Meer GezondTijd

Preventive, pre-clinical and curative natural medicine

Why only invest in Meer GezondTijd when there are already complaints? We have completely forgotten how to really listen to our body and understand the language our body speaks. Where are you with your health? Does your body whisper, speak or scream? By working with us, you can choose prevention, pre-clinical and curative natural medicine and you can take full ownership of your health. Chronic complaints do not suddenly appear! These develop over time. Our body is our temple and really lets us know in various preliminary stages that it needs attention, care and other nutrition! Through a free online screening we map your 4 most important health systems: - Acid base balance (PH) - Intestine and immunity - Fatty acid metabolism (omega 3-6-9 ratio) - Sugar metabolism These 4 systems are responsible for 90% of your sustainable health! So pay sufficient attention to these 4 systems, discover where (unnoticed) shortages and surpluses are developing and make timely adjustments. The results of the screening are discussed in a free online intake. You can choose whether you want Bjorn or Mandy as a Preventionist. During the intake we discuss the health loss percentage within each individual system. If this is below 30%, you will receive nutritional advice on how to keep it that way. Each system has its own power requirements. If the loss percentage is higher than 30%, we advise, without obligation, to carry out actual measurements to determine the exact shortages and surpluses and then make adjustments. All with one goal: More Healthy Time for you! The great thing is; everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. Measurable and trackable. No fuss, but straight to the point! Just by carrying out the online screening, you get to know your body in a different way. The invisible is made visible and blind spots about health are removed! Give yourself a sustainable healthy life! We would like to work together. Love Bjorn and Mandy

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Meer GezondTijd


Baneheide 35, 6353 AK Baneheide, Nederland




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In own practice




Diploma Preventionist ism orthomoleculaire therapeut John Verhiel


€75 per consult

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Preventive, pre-clinical and curative natural medicine

Forms of therapy

· Holistisch kok / voedingsadvies / ayurvedisch / gezond eten
· Natuurgeneeskunde
· Omega health coaching
· Orthomoleculaire therapie
· Voedingsadvies

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.

My message to the world

Charge your body in time! Your body needs nutrition instead of filling! There are now more than 10 million Dutch people with one or more chronic conditions. You don't have to be there! Chronic complaints are the result of chronic shortages and surpluses! Our mission is more HEALTHY, more TIME, more HealthyTime! Think about your body and listen... How? That's what we are for.


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Meer GezondTijd


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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