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Laura Bellomo & Bart Scholtissen

Breathwork, coaching awareness and personal development, ice baths, fascia therapy.

At Down to Earth Elements, led by former neuroscientist and Wim Hof ​​coach Dr. Bart Scholtissen, and breathing coach, entrepreneur and integral coach Laura Bellomo, we find strength in transformation. This intensive program offers an integrated approach to personal growth, aimed at breaking negative patterns and rediscovering inner peace. Who is this program for? For those who are stuck in a spiral of negativity and feel the need to make deep changes. Also for those who, despite a hectic life, want to rediscover and listen to their inner needs. Individuals struggling with burnout, pre-depression or anxiety will find valuable tools to improve their well-being.

Coach name:

Down to Earth Elements


Albert Cuypstraat 6, Kerkrade, Netherlands




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:

Group and private

Treated on location:

At any location


Dutch, English




Professional association:




Breathwork, coaching awareness and personal development, ice baths, fascia therapy.

Forms of therapy

· Breathing therapy
· Wim Hof Therapie
· Personal coaching
· Accompaniment
· Exercise therapy
· Coaching
· Energetic therapy
· Fascia therapy
· Holistic therapy
· Inner child therapy
· Life coaching
· Mental coaching
· Online therapy (chat / email)
· Walking therapy

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.
· Seeking more self-confidence or self-love.
· I have a trauma and need help.
· I want to get out of my head and find myself.
· I want to discover my life purpose.
· I want to meet like-minded people.

My message to the world

We are here to guide you on a journey to inner strength. In our Down to Ear wth process, we look together for what you need to feel yourself again, create peace in your head, experience less pain and enjoy life again.


Please contact

Laura Bellomo & Bart Scholtissen


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average rating is 3 out of 5, based on 150 votes, Reviews



average rating is 3 out of 5


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