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The connection between searchers and providers

For searchers, Mankind is completely ad-free and free.

“Expand your mind.” You want to find something or someone who can help you. Everyone has that need. But what suits you is specific, which is why there are now many different coaches, workshops and methods. One person wants to find peace, the other wants energy... or love, less pain, processing, mental growth, etc...

It's okay if you discover ways that you don't understand yet, we're happy to help you. You can use all media and information (free of charge) to amaze yourself and delve into the world of Mankind.

Let Mankind help you. Everything  is divided into 6 groups. Follow your feelings and choose which way of searching suits you. You can search by location, name, theme or choose a question that suits you.


Discover true “wellness” for your mind and body.

Discover your life purpose and enjoy the path you choose.

Image by Zac Durant

Quick and easy search

Without advertising, you can use all ways to search on the Mankind portal for free. Search by name or specialization or see which question suits you.

Connection found

When you have found your connection, click on it. You will then find more information such as specializations, explanation, intention and data.

Book a specialist or workshop and see it as an investment in your well-being.

Which question suits me?

Click on the questions and choose which question appeals to you most. You will then receive an overview of the right specialists, organizations or workshops that suit you.

Contact your connection directly

Have you found your connection? Mankind will show you the contact details. (Sometimes there is a waiting list). Call, app or email for an appointment. Then come back to the Mankind website for feedback or more connections and information.

Get started right away and find your connection

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