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Holistic Body & Mind coaching

Does your body whisper, speak or scream for attention? And your mind? When you choose Grow, you choose yourself. To really check in with your own Body&Mind. The invisible is made visible and the movement towards conscious competence over one's own state of body and mind has been initiated. With regard to Body Balance, I work on the basis of natural medicine. Through an orthomolecular health test you gain insight into your health. By really connecting with your own body, it will give you a lot of information. This health test is tailored to your 4 most important health systems: * Acid base balance (PH) * Intestine and immunity * Fatty acid metabolism * Sugar metabolism A balance in these 4 systems protects you from 90% of all (chronic) complaints. Our body needs a balanced diet to remain or become sustainably healthy. A health percentage is mapped out through the health test. Depending on the result, we will consider together whether you can work preventively, pre-clinically or curatively. We will literally recharge your body by detecting and repairing deficiencies and unwanted surpluses. To get your mind in balance, I work with the fantastic DiSC method. DiSC provides a behavioral analysis that identifies unconscious preferred behavior. What are motivators and stressors for you? Which priorities do you hold in high regard and which are less important? In other words, when do you feel comfortable and when do you experience more discomfort? Preferred behavior largely originated in your early childhood and is therefore stored in your subconscious. If you also know that 95% of your behavior in daily life stems from your subconscious, then it is time to bring it all to the surface and put it in a different light. You're not that little kid anymore! You are no longer dependent on others! You are not all the influences that shaped you back then! It is time for you to reach your full potential. That you open your heart again and feel the sparkle of life optimally again. You are energy! It's up to you to choose which one! By first considering what is already there and then making the shift to how you want to be, you go on a journey. A journey with yourself back to yourself. We bring it all out! Feel, experience, discover and do! Simply by putting yourself first! Can I MEET you quickly? Love Mandy

Coach name:

Grow coaching & training


Baneheide 35, 6353 AK Baneheide, Nederland




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:

Group and private

Treated on location:

At any location




Diploma Preventionist, gecertificeerd DiSC coach en Post HBO coachend begeleiden



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Holistic Body & Mind coaching

Forms of therapy

· Life coaching
· Mental coaching
· Naturopathy
· Omega health coaching
· Orthomolecular therapy
· Personal coaching
· Business and team coaching

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.
· Seeking more self-confidence or self-love.
· I want to get out of my head and find myself.
· I want to discover my life purpose.

My message to the world

The most beautiful place in the world is close to you. Really get in touch with yourself again by simply realizing that there is still a lot to discover about yourself and with yourself. Your body is so much more honest with you than your mind! It knows... just listen! And then your mind. This one can be a real hindrance for you based on secondary influences. It's time for you to start trusting yourself and start living with full ownership! Are you already living your best life? I guess not.. but it's time! I look forward to making the journey back to yourself with you. All the answers are already within you! Love Mandy


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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