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Man met bril
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Nancy Lecocq

Transformation by releasing pent-up emotions so that healing takes place.

By looking for the core, the cause of the problem/discomfort/pain, we can free what is stuck and experience immediate relief from symptoms. (Pain / allergies / discomfort / fears / nerves...) It is not talking therapy but deliberately identifying the cause with the help of kinesiology. (Muscle testing) Furthermore, a Shamanic energetic healing treatment can follow to restore the vibration in the body.

Coach name:

CURA SANA transformatie & healing


Burgem. Achiel Heymanstraat 29g, 9140 Temse, België




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:

Group and private

Treated on location:

In own practice


Dutch, English


Reiki, beliefcoding®️ en Chamanic energetic healing en schoonheidsspecialiste


75 euro per uur

Professional association:


1 year


Transformation by releasing pent-up emotions so that healing takes place.

Forms of therapy

· Coaching
· Energetic therapy
· Life coaching
· Mental coaching
· Quantum healing / quantumphysics / quantum guidance
· Therapy/coaching with breathing work
· Transformation coaching
· Trauma processing

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.
· Seeking more self-confidence or self-love.
· I have a trauma and need help.
· I want to overcome an addiction.
· I want to get out of my head and find myself.

My message to the world

Changing the world starts with changing yourself! Transform yourself into the best version you can be, that is your birthright ✨️ Live your life from your core and leave all those triggers behind by starting the journey within. The most beautiful journey of your life, the path of transformation.


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Nancy Lecocq


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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