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Charlotte Voncken

Shadow work restores the connection with your higher self by seeing through all illusions of separation

The difference with shadow work and many other (alternative) therapies is that shadow work is a way to get in touch with YOUR self-healing ability. By making contact with your shadow we speak to your greatest light. This way you connect with your own healer, your own wisdom, your higher self. This is a profound transformation process. From the connection with your higher self, you will live life lighter, more alive, more loving, more joyful and more grateful, without having to maintain daily exercises or from a discipline that still builds on the old thinking system. From a liberated self you live your own nature, full of self-confidence, from within. There are 2 ways of shadow work that I use so that shadow work is suitable for everyone. The Work of Byron Katie is a very powerful tool to examine and reverse stressful thoughts (and associated emotions) that do not serve you. Through mirror work we look at the core of the problem: the projector. From this observation you will gain a completely new view of the situation. The Work of Byron Katie is mind-blowing and extremely consciousness-expanding. This makes true transformations possible. We can only let go of something when it has been seen through. The Work is a meditation that works with the problem, instead of around it, making The Work of Byron Katie a very strong and deepening way of shadow work. I use another method that is very powerful when you are so traumatized that your pain body or false belief is too great to become silent. This can make life unbearable at times. In this form of shadow work we directly connect with the pain-body, which silences the false protector (the head/ego). We communicate on an even deeper level. I guide you lovingly and effectively to your pain area using a simple breathing technique that puts you in a light trance. With the help of my guidance, you will illuminate your shadow side from within, with your own consciousness. Healing occurs in the connection that is made here. For many clients it is the feeling of coming home to the body for the first time. The connection with your higher self brings the non-wholeness back into wholeness by illuminating it. There is no more powerful work I have ever encountered. Shadow work has been able to heal in me that which I did not believe could be healed. It is precisely through shadow work that you learn to ground yourself, from within yourself, because it becomes increasingly safer to be in your body. There is less and less fear of pain when you have managed to heal the past. You discover the loving power within yourself that is needed to create the life you want for yourself. More connected to your higher self, you will feel clearer and trust and follow your inner guide more and more. No exercises or disciplines are required for this. You just need to clear away what doesn't serve you to experience a natural flow with life. When you say yes completely out of self-love, the universe says so too. Shadow work is a gift that I want to pass on to the world. I know of no more rewarding work than being able to guide someone to come from their darkness into the light.

Coach name:

Charlotte Voncken Coaching


Bassin 154C, 6211 AL Maastricht, Nederland




Practical information

Encounter type:

Online and Physical

Group form:


Treated on location:

At any location


Dutch, English


The School for The Work, 2010,2011,2014,2015



Professional association:



since 2010


Shadow work restores the connection with your higher self by seeing through all illusions of separation

Forms of therapy

· Schaduwwerk
· The work of Byron Katie
· Voice dialogue
· Innerlijk kind-therapie
· Regressietherapie
· Relatietherapie
· Hypnotherapie
· Kindertherapie
· Soultherapie
· Therapie / coaching met meditatie
· Therapie / coaching met ademhalingswerk
· Therapie / coaching voor kinderen
· Traumatherapie
· Traumaverwerking
· Verslavingstherapie
· Breathwork

I offer help with

· Resolve a complaint.
· I have a trauma and need help.
· I want to overcome an addiction.
· I want to address or learn something related to sexuality.
· I want to discover my life purpose.

My message to the world

"Shadow work is the highest form of light work. Are you such a great light that the darkness can no longer overshadow you? Discover the light being that you really are and... live your higher self!"


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Charlotte Voncken


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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