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When happiness, health and growth are important

Who is the right healer or coach for you?

In this group you will discover specialists, each with a unique approach in their specialization. Follow your feelings and choose who suits you. Use Mankind to quickly look for a specialization or take your time because you will also get valuable information here.  Specialists at Mankind are often “Wisdom Keepers” who have something to offer you.

Make an appointment, physically or online, or first take a closer look at the information and blogs.

Find a therapist
Find a Healer


A healer helps you on an energetic level. You are not the only one, every person has something out of balance or blocked. A healer often works with frequencies such as vibration, sound, touch, energetic materials or light.

The methods are often very old and have existed before the time that medicines and doctors existed.

Examples are shamanism, aura healing, chakra healing, kundalini healing, massage healing, sound healing, gemstone healing, hypnosis healing, Reiki, channeling, soul therapy...

Find a therapist


There are thousands of therapists and specialists. This is often preceded by good training. Some specializations must join interest groups.

Mankind has overviews for you to choose from. 

You can also find certifications and diplomas here.

Choose which category or specialization suits you most.

Make a good choice based on location, description and listen carefully to your heart. Follow your feelings. If in doubt, ask yourself or your specialist questions.

Find a Guru

Gurus, shamanism and teachers

A guru (or guru) is someone who devotes his entire life and way of life to wisdom. You have to earn the title and that is never taken lightly. There are fewer gurus in the Netherlands and Belgium than in Eastern and more spiritual countries. Because there is no clear “diploma” like for example therapists, it is a challenge to find your guru.

It may be that someone calls himself a guru and is not yet one. Conversely, a guru can get his title and not show it to the outside world. . On your journey to a guru you will learn about devotion, surrender, rituals and most importantly: what is your intention?

Find a coach


A coach is a guide who helps you further.

There are many training courses and nowadays thousands of people call themselves coaches.

Mankind's intention is to help you with what suits you. Mankind does not post forms of coaching that do not fit the mission: there is onlyplace for everything that benefits you or this planet.

Here you will find, for example, coaches who help you improve a gift, your life path, your health, your balance, your way of life or your mindfulness.

Are you looking for a healer or therapist nearby?

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